Whirlpool Large Tower, Pre-Filter Whishield Anti-Microbial Activated - 817800

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Carbon-based filter with additional Whishield anti-microbial layer of purification. Pre - cleans the air and eliminates over 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Removes larger particles and common household odors including smoke, cooking odors and pet odors. Pre-filter’s Whishield anti-microbial layer helps HEPA filter lasts longer and freshens the air. Inhibits the outgrowth of micro-organisms in the filter.


Pre-filter Duration:   Replace every 3 months (depends on your air quality)

What's in the package:   A set 4 pre-filters (lasts 12 months)

Fits for:   WPT80 series (WPT80P and WPT80B)

Product Size:  17.64” x 2.97” x 0.12” inches